sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2012

CabeloAlice Project - Grace (Falling Into The Season Hunt)
OculosKapone - sunglasses VL blackgold (MM Board, rotating prize)
Horns : Kre-tions - Rapsodia Horns (The Dirty Turkey Hunt)
CasacoRibboN - NukuNuku-OneP (Lucky Board)
Calça : - Poliana Jeans (part of outfit) (Free)
SapatoMy Pretty Pixels! - Knotted Ballerina - Ice ("Made In Paris" Sim 1st Birthday Hunt, 5 stores 13 gifts, Nov 12-18)
Café : NEEDFUL THINGS - Squirrel Coffee (Group Gift, fee to join)

CabeloLotus - KINOKO Strawberry (Group Gift)
Ovelha : Prim & Pixel - Mesh Parka (GTH)
Calça : GizzA - October Gift [Male] Jeans (Group Gift)
SapatoLatreia - Missy Tan (The Dirty Turkey Hunt) (Many gifts in the store ! including 7 hunt gifts on the wall, no need to hunt ;-p, one group gift & 3 quantity limited free gifts)
LuvasSOUL. - Mesh Gloves Aztec (Group Gift)
SheepNEEDFUL THINGS - JUST LOVE ME !! SHEEP (Group Gift, fee to join)
SkinModish - Lulu - Rage [Latte] (Group Gift)

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