quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2012

Cabelo : HairARt - Roxana Mesh ( group gift , fee to join)
top So. Heartless - Black Lace Top Mesh & CottonCandi Bra (comes with skirt) (Womenstuff Hunt)
Calça: So. Heartless - Purple Split Jeggings (Lucky Board)
TenisMy Pretty Pixels! - Urban Sneakers Blu ("Made In Paris" SIM Hunt, ends 18th Nov)
 SkinRozena - Coco - Natural Skin (Nov Free gift, for 5 days only!)

Cabelo(Milana) - Olive Fatpack (SOM Gift)
Jacket & Calça : G.O.T.H - FABIOTOR Grunge Outfit (Group Gift)
SaiaCysleek - Female Hoodie Mustard (Womenstuff Hunt)
sapatoKapone - The Fuzion redgreen (MM Board, rotating prize)
EyelashesMother Goose's - Pointed lashes (Lucky Board)

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