sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2013

Hair : Analog Dog - ging paprika (Free)
Hat : JfL - beret V.2 6 colors (Jack Or Jill Hunt gift)
Outerwear : NAMINOKE - Kasuri Kimono Set Male (part of outfit) (Jack Or Jill Hunt gift)
Pants : Plastik - Wear Me Special Edition Jeans (SOM Welcome Gift Pack , not sure if still available)
Scarf : Royal Blue - Bow Good Times Necklace in Duo (Past Gift)
Shoes : MIAMAI - Candy Pumps Resolution (Group Gift, fee to join?)
Skin : AL Vulo! - Alyss - Wonderland Blonde Fair (Group Gift)

Hair : {Rumina} - Jessica - Black Ombre (Group Gift)
Outerwear : NAMINOKE - Kasuri Kimono Set Female (part of outfit) (Jack Or Jill Hunt gift)
Shirt : Gabriel - Denim Shirt Dark Blue (1L)
Pants : SANTO - P_C_ Jeans Light Blue (Free)
Shoes : Gabriel - Denim Boots (Group Gift)
Earrings : UtopiaH - Ear Tunnels In Blue (Jack Or Jill Hunt gift)

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